Indian Wedding Photographer Kent | Adwin & Kiren’s Wedding

Indian wedding photographer AIYA was present at Gravesend Gudwara on September 2017 to photograph the wedding ceremony of Adwin and Kiren. The groom was dressed to impress. He had maroon and golden color sheerwani with the artwork of embroidery and stones on them. He wore maroon pagri and sword that matched the color and pattern of his sherwani. The bride too dressed in maroon with heavy work of embroidery and jewels on her dress. She wore gold necklace, earrings and matching teekah on her forehead. Her hands were filled with red-maroon bangles. Nails were polished silver and her hands gleamed with the henna on them. The beautiful ring she wore connected in chains all the way to her bracelet. The bride was fabulously adorned and we captured stunning portraits during bridal preparations and close intimate photography with her siblings.

The wedding ceremony too suited the taste of the knightly groom at Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara in Kent. The groom arrived with grandeur. There were dhols (drums), dancing and laughter at the arrival of the groom. The groom wore a sehra i.e. a veil of flowers covering the face as he came.

Sikh wedding photographer AIYA took care to capture all moments in the lens. The families of both couple met each other during Milni and were joyous and laughter. The couple sat aside each other and began the sikh wedding ceremony. Indian wedding photographer Izzy made sure to capture the sacrilegious rituals as the couple were knotted together by a cloth and then they took their pheras (ritual of walking around the fire). This was followed by a photoshoot at the Gudwara and finally finishing with the emotional Doli at the end.

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